An all-Australian brewhouse, located in the heart of the Hills

Originating in 2010, the brewery is the brainchild of six brothers - Marcello, Sergio, Leon, Julius, Vinny and Ricky Colosimo - who have a real thirst for good beer and a love for all things local.

Since then, the Australian Brewery has continued to surpass standards in quality and innovation. In fact, it boasts a swag of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for its range of signature craft beers.

The Australian Brewery was the first craft beer house in Australia to can its beers, assuring each brew maintained its level of quality. Canning its beer is also environmentally-friendly, too.

The Brewery’s purpose-built facilities are state of the art, the brewers experienced and acclaimed, and the methods, processes and flavours are of the highest international standard. The result is a winning formula loved by locals and those abroad.

Bold and unconventional, the Brewery often produces seasonal beers, offering beer lovers the finer tastes of the season in one distinctive brew.

Their signature range, along with seasonal brews, can be enjoyed in-house at The Australian Hotel & Brewery bar or taken home to enjoy whenever the mood strikes.

Australian Brewery Beer - pure, fresh, Australian.


We start with six brothers with a love for beer and a simple formula to create a pure, honest, brew. 

We source our ingredients from the beer capitals of the world and embrace their processes to bring the very best to you. 

We don’t add anything that shouldn't be there - no preservatives, no additives. We do not pasteurise. Instead, we sterile filter. 

We care about the environment and were the first craft brewery in Australia to can our beers, leaving you with a fresh brew and the environment with less hassle. We recycle spent grain to an old farmer for mulch. We don’t believe in leaving excessive footprints on this earth. 

We are Australian Brewery Beer - uniquely Australian, for Australians. 

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Take a journey through the wonderful world of beer at our state-of-the-art microbrewery. The Australian Brewery’s virtual and guided tours, hosted by one of our very own Australian Brewery Beer Ambassadors, take you through our onsite facilities and teach you the ins and outs of craft brewing first-hand. The tour concludes with sampling a selection of our award-winning craft beers at the Brewery Bar.

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